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What are Crypto Gangs?

Crypto Gangs offer 2,100 identities that proclaim their affiliation with 1 of 5 gangs, with each gang consisting of 420 NFTs. Uniting cannabis and cryptocurrency, Crypto Gangs is partnered with strong cannabis collaborations to bring you a variety of perks and rewards, including; the ability to make purchases of cannabis goods in the metaverse, permanent and seasonal rewards such as access to VIP seats in sporting events, staking of Crypto Gangs for rewards, and more!

More than your standard community, Crypto Gangs is a project that is rich in lore with references to real subcultures. Included are real world perks and benefits associated with our ever growing list of partners. Being part of Crypto Gangs brings about a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group, united under the turbulent circumstances of society, the rise of the delinquents that leaves you wanting for more. Incredibly immersive art and an even more immersive storyline await you.

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We are working on integrating the Crypto Gangs NFT with all of our partners. Crypto Gangs owners will have various benefits with all our partners. These vary from seasonal VIP tickets to the LA Lakers arena to lifetime holder discounts to cannabis dispensaries and more!


Benefits and Broad Utility

Purchasing a Crypto Gangs NFT means more than just owning an NFT. It is a ticket to be part of a community with exclusive membership, returns and rewards over time.


Uniting Cypto, NFTs and Cannabis

Crypto Gangs serves as your ticket to the cannabis industry in the new age of cannabis. We seek to set up cannabis stores in various metaverses and allows everyone to make purchases of cannabis related goods from our partners directly within the metaverse. Crypto Gangs holders will receive massive discounts as well as rewards generated from the sales within the metaverses! More to be unveiled.

Exclusive Perks and Rewards!

Crypto Gangs NFT holders will have access and membership to exclusive events both virtual and in real life. Crypto Gangs will have its very own parties, gatherings, meet-ups and celebrations together with the entire crew. Additionally, holders will receive exclusive perks and merchandise such as FREE apparel, sweepstakes through mint activations and lifetime discounts to our partnered vendors.


Stake for Steaks

Stake your NFTs to earn Crypto Gang Tokens ($CGT). $CGT is the token in the Crypto Gang universe. $CGT is generated on a weekly basis. Every Crypto Gangs holder gets a fixed sum of $CGT weekly upon staking. $CGT is a stackable reward, meaning more NFTs staked = more profit. Upon withdrawal, you will be able to swap your $CGT to stablecoins or use them to make purchases with our partners and accepted vendors.

More benefits to be announced!

We continually listen to the community and these future perks will be decided by you, our loyal holders!



Q3 2021

Development: Crypto Gangs NFT

We began the concept design and development of the Crypto Gangs NFT. Discord server open to the public.

Q4 2021

Launch: Presale and Community Drop

Launch for early adopters followed by a 5 mint/day throttle aka “Lockdown”. Presale held days before public sale.

Reward: Limited First Edition Drop

Limited first edition Crypto Gangs merchandise sent to first holders who own more than 3 NFTs.

Release: Perk Rewards (FREE)

Our perks page where holders can claim rewards based on the number of NFTs owned and holding time.

Q1 2022

Release: 3D Mask Models/Filter/Wearables

We will be creating 3D models of our masks to release as filters for social media as well as wearables in GTA roleplay servers.

Release: Crypto Gangs Lore

We will launch the Crypto Gangs lore - an expansive universe where real-life events influence the story as it evolves over time. The chapters will be released gradually.

Launch: Crypto Gangs Genesis

We will seal the original Crypto Gangs collection at 1500 mints. These are still part of the Crypto Gangs universe and will have 2x the stakeholding & perk power as our Crypto Gangs release

Q2 2022

Release: Crypto Gangs Public Launch

This is our public launch and your chance to get into the cannabis metaverse.

Release: Crypto Gangs Staking

Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to gradually earn Crypto Gangs Token ($CGT) which will have its own utility and can be used for future plans (e.g. through our partners and events).

Collab: Partnership w/ Major Brands

Through our existing partners we will be partnering with major brands to diversify into subcultures and industries

Q3 2022

Development: Breeding Second Generation

The ability to breed your Crypto Gangs for Crypto Junior Gangs begins.

Development: Metaverse integration with our partners

We will work with our partners to integrate metaverse purchases channel through to our partner's sales channels.

To be announced

Mint Activations

  • 0%
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%
  • 100%
  • 10%


    As a thank you and way of giving back to the less fortunate, we will, upon reaching 10%, commit to a promise of donating 5% of the NFT proceeds to charity, split between Mental Health initiatives and communities for the homeless. The community will vote on which initiatives the proceeds will go towards.

  • 25%


    NFT holders will have the ability to access an exclusive golden plated physical coin collection. Each coin will have a unique mask design based on the gang members and will come engraved with a personalized ID to unlock future perks. We are still working on the perk concepts, so let’s keep it a little mysterious for a moment, but we are certain you will love these perks.

  • 40%

    RARE NFTs%

    20 NFTs with at least 5 rare traits will be randomly distributed to existing wallet holders. A snapshot of current NFT holders and subsequent raffle will be undertaken upon reaching this milestone.

  • 60%


    Each NFT will serve as a ticket for an ETH lottery of 20 ETH, with the following prizes :
    8 ETH
    5 ETH
    3 ETH
    2 ETH
    1 ETH
    0.5 ETH
    0.5 ETH
    Draw date will be announced upon hitting this milestone.

  • 80%


    Collecting 2 of the same gang and a hostage from another gang will please your gang leaders, and you will be rewarded with a gang leader NFT which you will be able to mint for free. These will be a separate collection.

  • 100%


    Upon completing 100% of the roadmap, we will go all out and make an unforgettable experience for our NFT holders. We will create a model of the Crypto Districts and conduct a treasure hunt to kick things off. Think geocaching but in a cyber world! More details will follow.
    We will begin integrating cannabis shops in the metaverses with our partners to let our holders purchase cannabis related goods directly through metaverse shops.

Founding Gang

Crypto Gangs NFT is created by gamers and stoners. We comprise of game developers with over 20+ titles under our belt. Start up specialists in the tech industry and cannabis experts with over 10 years of experience.



Liaison Officer



Project Manager



Art Director



Technical Director


On our advisory board we have some of the biggest cannabis growers in the United States and Europe with a vast network to subcultures associated with cannabis such as skate, shoes and more.



Humboldt Seeds Organization


//Diggs Terra

Humboldt Seeds Organization


//Uncle Mo

Neptune Seed Bank