Welcome to Los Cadenas, off-worlder. They call me Psychopomp. Think of me as a, guide of sorts.

Now, now, I know what you're thinking, “Aww boo hoo! I’m tired from my little space trip and this fella with his strange name and strange mask is the last thing I wanna see first thing of the shuttle.” Well, too bad off-worlder. You see, I’ve got a keen nose and I can smell the paper money lining the inside of your wallet. That shit’s not even worth wiping your ass with down here, and if you even want a chance at survival, you’re gonna need some of this.

That’s right off-worlder, 100% genuine, 100% digital, 100% Anunnaki produced Crypto, baby. How did I get this you ask? Look, I ain’t Anunnaki but, I’m somewhat of a middleman between the gangs, so it was easy for me to get a little collection of everyone's Crypto. Think of me as a neutral messenger if you will. I’m like Switzerland... before The Osiris CONSORTIUM moved in, but we all know that story, right?

Regardless, I think that’s enough chit-chat mate, let’s get down to business. Lemme show you round town. Show you how a real local party in Los Cadenas. Who knows? You might even wind up being affiliated, earning a bit of coin and finally paying old Psychopomp here for his humble services.

After you my new friend, and welcome, to Los Cadenas.

Los Cadenas

Finally, you kept me waiting off-worlder. Did the old fellas in Customs at least lube you up? I’m just messing with you mate.

Behold! The grandeur, the majesty, the beauty of Los Cadenas!... Ah, who am I kidding? You’ve picked a real shithole to try and make it big mate. What’s wrong? This desolate city with that eye-sore of an HQ Tower fucking the sky a bit different from what your little travel brochures depicted? Big round of applause to the Osiris Consortium's marketing team!

Wait, you do realize what the big OC have done here on Earth right? Well, lemme hit you with the TLDR. Apart from strong arming its way into Switzerland, seizing all the bigwig’s funds, causing a financial collapse and forcing the masses to use their coin, they’ve locked the city down and sucked all the citizens into their Metaverse so they can secretly hunt down and eliminate all other forms of Crypto. Even more so, what with the recent Serum hackings.

Off-worlder, tell me something, you ain’t here just to jack into the Metaverse and waste away, right? You have no idea how many of my ‘clients’ are stuck in that glorified MMORPG, living out their sick and twisted fantasies. My brothers included... Fuckers still owe me my coin too.

Well, enough of the sappy shit, we better get moving mate, almost curfew and we’re a bit far-off from a haven.


WAIT!!! Quickly, over here, get in this fucking alley right now!!!

Ah great. Another hacked Serum junkie trying to rip apart a Consortium Preserver squad, only to be gunned down for “Preservation”. Makes for a great first impression of my beloved city, eh?

Poor bastard didn’t go down without a fight though. Took a Preserver out. Oh, hell yeah, they’re leaving the Hacked behind. Right, here’s the plan, make sure the squad keep carting their fallen comrade off, I’ll check if this fallen comrade has any coin for us. Let’s go.

Hey, this junkie was a looker, shame, but these Serum hackings? Scary shit. The Osiris Consortium’s main source of income, Serum, laced with nano-machines that’ll get you higher than you’ve ever dreamed of. On top of that, dosing on it is the only way to stay in the Metaverse without your brain splitting open like a watermelon. That’s right, The Consortium’s Metaverse. Convenient, don’t you think?

Well, convenient until someone comes along, hacks the Serum’s nano-machines in people’s bodies and turns them into absolutely uncontrollable savages. The Consortium are using this lockdown as a way to find and stop the hackers, but also purge the Hacked, away from the general eye and media. Pretty sound plan if you ask me.

Score! Our generous friend here was sitting on a pretty nest egg of Hydra’s coin. Oh no. That means I have to speak to... her.

FUCK!!! 20 minutes ‘til curfew and we are nowhere near your haven... Not gonna lie mate, you seem pretty cool and I don’t wanna see you thrown in the back of a Consortium Cruiser and vanished, along with your coin.

Here, no time to explain but a mate of mine who masked up with The Bandits managed to score me some of their Serum. Once I jab you with it, we’re gonna be able to outrun any Consortium Patrol, so just follow me and try not to shit yourself. I’m taking you to my haven.