Terms of Service

Crypto Gangs is a collection of trait-generative digital artworks present on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users are advised to ensure safety and validation before conducting any kind of transactions on the website using your personal wallets and no warranty of any kind is provided by the team. The crypto gangs team are not liable for loss of gas or failed transactions. By using this website and its services, you are accepting sole responsibility for all transactions involving the Crypto Gangs collection


-The Crypto Gangs team owns the sole rights to the intellectual property surrounding the “Crypto Gangs” logo, name, website and the individual generated traits on the artwork. The team also reserves all rights to the smart contract and any future community wallets. We reserve all rights to using the Crypto Gangs brand for future merchandising purposes.

Personal rights : The Crypto gangs collection consists of 10,000 ERC721 tokens that contain unique generated artwork hosted on IPFS and powered by the Ethereum network and the buyer owns of each token reserves all personal rights to the NFT and the underlying artwork

Commercial rights : The buyer of the NFT will own all commercial rights to the NFT and its underlying artwork as long as it is in their possession. The Crypto gangs team provides you with worldwide ,royalty free rights to use, copy or display your artwork for personal or commercial use, creating derivatives or assigning them to other artists or third parties provided that you own the bull during the period of these events. The owner is free to use the artwork on merchandise, games or any other commercial product. You cannot use the name “Crypto Gangs” or the associated logo on any commercial product. Nothing in this TOS is meant to restrict the user from owning or operating any third party website/application, or running a marketplace that involves the use of Crypto Gangs, provided that the third party cryptographically verifies the ownership of the NFT to ensure that only the owner of the NFT can actually display the art and that the art is no longer visible once he/she sells or transfer the rights to the token.

Crypto Gangs have been created as a collectible art project meant towards creating a community and fun avatar and in no way do we promote it as an investment. By buying the token, you understand that the art has no inherent monetary value and should be treated as such. The crypto Gangs team makes no promises or future guarantees on a monetary return from these NFTs.